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In today’s business environment, things change in a moment and keep changing forever. This constant and continual change requires management to keep abreast and take data-backed and analysis-driven decisions with rapidity. What these demands are the platforms, people, and the processes that support rapid decision-making.

Irrespective of your stage in the journey towards leveraging Big Data, Veradata’s data scientists enable you to decipher high volume data from varied sources and deliver actionable insights combined with predictive modelling. Our work helps clients to understand “What” is happening and “Why”, while supporting there a solution of an all-important question “What Now?”

We are in the Decision-Tech business.

Our services include:

  • Data Science
  • Data Visualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Websites
  • Mobile App
  • Digital Marketing

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Why Veradata?

Here's why you should work with us

  • Data scientists and technology consultants who work to improve the outcomes of your business decisions based on Big Data Analysis, using AI, machine and deep learning.
  • Pathfinders in the changing decision-technology industry that will enhance the outcomes of your decisions based on analytics and patterns.
  • Technology consultants who work with industry-leading partners to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Whom we serve

Start-ups, Enterprises & Agencies

We are passionate about serving start-ups, small, mid-sized and large enterprises as well as agencies.

Our collaborative model of working with alliance partners makes us a partner of choice, irrespective of the scale of the project, whereas our process-driven work methodology ensures that nothing is left to chance.

So if you are a start-up with a world-changing product idea, an enterprise, or an agency, we have the technology, the expertise, the team, and the desire to partner you in achieving your goals.

Our flexible engagement models – onsite/offshore/onshore or hybrid; as well as our unique development models are geared to enable start-ups to achieve the “idea to product” journey in the shortest and most economical manner.