Bridging the Gap Between the Data Scientist and the Executive

Machine Learning Is Powerful

There is no doubt people understand that Machine Learning is a powerful tool. Using everything that’s happened in your past to predict the future; learning from mistakes in the past and adjusting accordingly. Instead of relying on people’s memories and gut feelings, Machine Learning uses computers and statistics to do the heavy lifting. With the proper support structure, it can be a powerful tool, but it’s by no means perfect. It is not a crystal ball.

In an ideal world, everyone in a business would understand all the nuances of the work and what it entails, but that isn’t true at all.

In reality!

An executive will rarely come to you with a clear, straightforward deliverable that they are responsible for. Most of the time, they will approach you with an abstract business problem, general guidelines, and an ultimate goal.

Data Scientist Vikram Shah shares his tips on how to effectively communicate with executive management.

What has your experience been?

Topics: Data Scientist

Posted by: Vikram Shah

Date : Jan 6, 2020

Handshake between the Data Scientist and the Executive