Mobile Apps

Leverage the platform that brings the digital universe to the mobile handset

Mobility is a great equaliser that has democratised access to the internet and enabled multiple revolutions in the way business is done. It has enabled direct-to-consumer reach for businesses, especially with the fall in prices of Smartphones and the availability of affordable, high-speed data. Veradata Technologies enables businesses to harness the benefits of mobile technology and connect with customers, partners, employees, and trade anytime, anywhere. We have proven competencies in developing intuitive and compelling mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Native and Mobile apps that we develop are known for their performance and excellent user experience.

Our capabilities in Mobile Technology include:

Mobile Apps (Native / Hybrid)

We build mobile apps that deliver precisely what the consumer or user wants with minimum navigation. So be it a consumer app, a business solution, or an internal product, we build mobile apps that will become easy-to-use tools to gratify their desires.

We design & develop both native & hybrid apps for all platforms.

  • Native Apps – iOS, Android & Windows
  • Hybrid Apps - Xamrin / PhoneGap / Apache Cordova / SenchaTouch, etc.

Mobile Websites

Sometimes a mobile app is not the solution for delivering particular kinds of products. Lightweight content only products are best accessed through a specially designed mobile website. Our expertise in building mobile sites enables companies selling content-rich products to market their products efficiently and profitably.


With computing power becoming wearable, there is a never-ending variety of apps and solutions that people seek. We offer our clients the capability to combine wearable platforms with an array of sensors, in a manner that delivers innovative solutions.