Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation reveals the story that numbers tell

The fact about human understanding is that “seeing” things enables understanding. Data Visualisation is the art of representing the numerical data in the form of a chart, a diagram, or a picture etc. It is a true pictorial representation of the information. Exactly as a structure reveals different aspects when viewed through different perspectives, Data Visualisation underlines trends, infuses meaning into the vast amount of numbers, and makes “sense” out of the chaos. Data Visualisation plays a pivotal role in furthering analytical decisions by making data “visible”.

Veradata’s Data Visualisation practice offers you a simple, intuitive and collaborative means to view, analyse and interact with data in a visual manner, to bring to light nuances and perspectives that were otherwise invisible. It enables management to leverage insights from their data and work towards the desired outcomes.

Benefits of Data Visualisation:

  • Since the human brain processes visually depicted information rapidly, data visualisation leads to quicker action
  • Visual depiction enables management to see the big picture without being caught up in the minutiae of the tables
  • Visualisation is a great way to analyse momentum and trends
  • Data visualisation enables management to interact with data

How we help

Unite your data in one place

Connect to data on-premises or in the cloud, whether it’s a database or a spreadsheet or other supported data sources.

Date Preparation

Access, combine and clean disparate data.

Explore the data

Transform your raw data into the metrics and dimensions.

Visualise your results

Create meaningful charts and graphs.

Tell impactful stories

Create and share engaging reports and dashboards that tell the story for you.

Empower your teams

Arm people with the knowledge of your business data so they can focus more on what matters.

Share and collaborate, securely

Democratise data and tap into the collective wisdom by sharing and collaborating all your data,reports, and dashboards with your team, company, and customers.

Veradata Data Visualisation