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When change in minutes is answered by response in days, there is a serious problem!

In today’s business environment, things change in a moment and keep changing forever. This constant and continual change requires management to keep abreast and take data-backed and analysis-driven decisions with rapidity. What these demands are the platforms, people, and the processes that support rapid decision-making.

Irrespective of your stage in the journey towards leveraging Big Data, Veradata’s data scientists enable you to decipher high volume data from varied sources and deliver actionable insights combined with predictive modelling. Our work helps clients to understand “What” is happening and “Why”, while supporting there a solution of an all-important question “What Now?”



To transform business outcomes through the use of Data-driven analysis and the use of Decision-technology frameworks.


We work on the cutting-edge of data analytics, artificial intelligence, technology and innovation to enhance the speed of decision-making, by delivering actionable, data-driven insights.




The journey from E-Business Consulting and Technology Services to Big Data and Decision-Tech

With deep experience of nearly 20 years in the business of consulting, directing technology/software projects, and building long standing customer relationships, Mr Vikram Shah has earned a well-deserved reputation as a trustworthy professional.

Vikram leads a consulting entity that offers full stack Data Science solutions to enterprises that seek to gain competitive advantage by understanding, deciphering and leveraging Big Data analysis to guide their decision-making.

He is a Certified Post-Graduate in Data Science, Business Analytics and Big Data, a certification awarded by Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security and Telecommunication in association with IBM.



We have built a network of strategic partnerships with category leading companies in a manner wherein together we can deliver more than the sum of our individual capabilities. Additionally, we have developed frameworks, tools and methodologies specifically for each partner platforms, which in turn enhances the effectiveness of our implementation in client environments.

Delivering superior value by matching requirements with capabilities

Individually powerful, together unbeatable

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