Methodology & Processes

Our processes for Technology-Centric projects

We operate in a collaborative environment by building our team of key alliance partners whose capabilities match with the project and client requirements and then apply our combined talents to the project as per a well-defined process.

Our processes for Technology-Centric projects

Our processes for Data Analytics and Decision-Tech projects

Our approach to Data Analytics and Decision-Tech projects emphasises the ascendance of learning over knowledge acquisition.

Learning for us is the continual discovery that emerges from deep understanding, experimentation and validation. Every project is handled with extensive collaboration with stakeholders.

Learning & Discovery


At the initial stage, we learn and draw insights about the industry and study similar projects undertaken by the company to learn and assimilate outcomes. We also do an assessment of the resources available to support the project in terms of people, technology, time and data. During this phase, we frame the business problem as an analytical challenge that will be addressed in later phases to formulate the initial hypotheses and test and begin learning from the data.


During this stage, we work with an analytical sandbox to conduct discovery and situational analytics. Our team will execute the extract, load and transform OR the extract, transform and load processes to get data into the sandbox. These processes are often referred to as ETLT. Transformation of data helps our team to analyse it. We also familiarise ourselves with the data thoroughly and take steps to condition the data.

ETLT Data Preparation
Model Planning


During this stage, our team determines the methods, techniques and workflow that we will use for the subsequent Model Building phase. We learn about the relationship between the variables and then select key variables and the most suitable models.


In this phase, we build the datasets for testing, training and production. Additionally, the team will build and execute models based on the learnings of the Model Planning phase. We will also take a call if the existing tools will suffice for running the models or if a more robust environment is required for executing the models and workflows.

Model Building
Communicating Results


Herein, we work with major stakeholders to determine if the results of the projects are a success or failure based on the criteria developed in the first phase. We will identify key findings, quantify the business value and develop a narrative to summarise the findings to stakeholders.


In this, the last phase, the team will deliver the final outputs, reports, briefings, code and technical documents. In addition, the team may run a pilot project in a production environment.