Why Veradata?

Who are we to you?
  • Data scientists and technology consultants who work to improve the outcomes of your business decisions based on Big Data Analysis, using AI, machine and deep learning.
  • Pathfinders in the changing decision-technology industry that will enhance the outcomes of your decisions based on analytics and patterns.
  • Technology consultants who work with industry-leading partners to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Whom we serve

Start-ups, Enterprises & Agencies

We are passionate about serving start-ups, small, midsized and large enterprises as well as agencies.

Our collaborative model of working with alliance partners makes us a partner of choice, irrespective of the scale of the project, whereas our process-driven work methodology ensures that nothing is left to chance.

So if you are a start-up with a world-changing product idea, an enterprise, or an agency, we have the technology, the expertise, the team, and the desire to partner you in achieving your goals.

Our flexible engagement models – onsite/offshore/onshore or hybrid; as well as our unique development models are geared to enable start-ups to achieve the “idea to product” journey in the shortest and most economical manner.

Five good reasons to team up with Veradata:

  • A single entity with multiple competencies
  • Consulting approach that is co-joined with the supervised implementation
  • A unique combination of traditional technology competencies and Data Science expertise
  • Built-in flexibility in approach and scalability in operations
  • Cost-efficiency without sacrificing on competencies