Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is essentially internet-based delivery of a range of services including computing services, servers, storage, databases, software, networking, analytics, intelligence and more without the need to invest in in-house IT infrastructure. In the world of computing, Cloud services represent a polar shift from investing and maintaining hardware to paying for the bandwidth and infrastructure and services you use. But that is just one of the many benefits that Cloud Computing offers enterprises.

At Veradata, we develop and deploy Cloud-First applications, mobility an analytics/AI solutions that future proof your business using platforms such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud thereby enabling our customers to deliver a exceptional customer experiences.

Benefits of shifting to Cloud Computing include:

  • Cost efficiency–As you pay for operational expenditure, not capital investments
  • Increased collaboration within your teams since it enables anytime, anywhere access
  • Integration of services like infrastructure services, data management and development
  • Enhanced scalability since there is no time lag for things like procurement and installation
  • Promotes self-service instead of depending on the IT department
  • Higher speeds for computing
  • Ideal for implementing Big Data processing and analysis
  • Higher security of data
  • Zero software maintenance
  • High flexibility, thanks to Virtual Desktop infrastructure